It's never been so FAST and EASY to get GOLD, Just Shake and Tilt!

There has never before been a gold pan this fast and easy to use. Even a first timer can pan gold easily with the Gold Claw.

To get a ton of gold you need to pan thru a ton of dirt, with this new Production Pan you can have fun panning through loads of material like never before!

Fast and easy to use, just shake and tilt

Pan a 5-gallon of river gravel in under a minute

Made from Tritan, most rugged outdoor material

FREE shipping on all USA orders

Preorder now and get a special low price. When we release this new pan the price will be much higher.

Preordering helps us kick start the new pan and helps you get better pricing, plus you are the first in line to get one!

As a thank you, we are including a First Gold Experience Kit for FREE

The 1st Gold Experience Kit includes paydirt with real gold in it so you can practice at home and gain confidence before hitting the river. It also includes a snuffer bottle to suction the gold from the pan and a vial to store all the gold in.
The timing is expected to be a follows:

  • Now - Complete the mold design phase
  • Oct 1 - Start tooling the mold
  • Nov 25 - begin molding parts
  • Dec 7 begin shipping parts
  • Dec 25 - Everyone has their Production Pans in time for Christmas
We are very confident in this timeline but we cannot guarantee the future. As timing changes, we will update this timeline and inform all of you. We will send out periodic updates as we complete milestones and to share important events.

We want you to be completely satisfied with your new Gold Claw. With this being a preorder you are welcome to a refund at any time with no questions asked and even if you receive it and decide you don't like it you are welcome to return it, just pay to ship.

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We are proud to produce the Gold Claw in the USA. From start to finish the Gold Claw is American made.