Our Story

Have you ever had a question that you just can’t get out of your mind? You find yourself going back to that question again and again searching for the answer. Have you had a spark of a dream, a glimpse of an idea of what could be? That if you put time and energy into that dream that it would form and take flight.

The Idea

My name is Klint and I had those questions and I had an idea that for me was a dream that I wanted to make happen. I am here to tell you that I have found the answer and my dream has turned into a reality and it all started 26 years ago with my father, the Gold Exploration Geologist. It was around 1990, I was at college, my father called and he told me about his gold machine troubles. It was this conversation with my dad that first got my mind working on the question, is there a more effective way to catch gold?

Prototyping Begins

It was 20 years later in 2010 that my years of studying both the technique and science behind gold panning that it was time to put that knowledge and imagination into practice. It was at that time I asked my dad to join me in turning the inventions I had crafted on paper into a reality. Moving forward from this point my father and I worked together and prototyped many amazing machines. It was while my dad and I were working together on these prototypes that my fascination for gold turned to a great love for the world of gold.

Testing the Gold Machine

It was in 2012 that myself along with my entire family went to Alaska, the gold mining frontier, to put the prototypes to the test and success was found. I had found the answer to the question inspired by my dad from 20 years before, is there a more effective way to catch gold? The answer was yes and we discovered it, we created a Gold Panning machine that changed the way we panned for gold and it was an experience that our family will treasure for the rest of lives. We learned and discovered together and the kids had blast being out gold searching and being a part of the team and were always excited to find even the smallest flakes of gold.

It was from our families time together in Alaska working on the gold panning machine and panning together that opened my eyes to how this can be shared with families everywhere to make gold panning fun, simple and a memory builder for everyone.

Gold Claw Pan Invented

So started the new adventure of combining what I learned about gold panning and had incorporated into the machine, to start prototyping for a handheld gold pan. A pan that would out pan any expert gold panner because it relied on science for its design, not tradition. Now 26 years later from my father sharing his frustration about his gold machine I have created the Gold Claw pan, expertly designed to pan for gold by any experience level and by any age.

Begin Your Story

The world of gold has fascinated me for years and it has been something that has brought my family closer together. Gold has played a big part in my story and in the story of my family. Start your family's gold story today by getting your Gold Claw pan and let the panning and memory building begin. 

To learn more about the process of how the Gold Claw came to be, click here to go the blog and see the questions that I had and the answers I found along my gold journey.