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The Problem:

Gold panning has been around for over a millennia, dating back beyond the ancient Egyptians. In all that time not much has changed. The old style of panning requires a lot of technique, tons of training, and is difficult to learn. Unless you are an expert, it is very easy to have the gold in the pan and lose it without even knowing it was there!
The Solution - Meet the Gold Claw:
The Gold Claw pan has improved features engineered into the outer edge of the pan. This ensures every particle interacts with and is caught by these gold grabbing features. All you do is shake the material in a thin layer out of the pan until all that remains is gold. If my neighbors 7 year old son can out pan a pro, so can you. Go get some gold!

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We are proud to produce the Gold Claw in the USA. From start to finish the Gold Claw is American made.

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