Attention Prospectors, Treasure Hunters and Gold and Gem Finders:

Your Round Pan is Costing You Gold.

A simple switch that can easily help you to catch 3x more gold every time you dip your pan in the water.

Dear Friend: There little known design "flaw" that is keeping you from catching more gold. And unless you look closely at any ordinary gold pan, you will certainly miss it.

If you look closely you will see small ridges, that are designed to aid in the process of keeping the gold in your pan and avoid floating out of your pan.
These ridges keep most of the gold from flowing out the pan.
In traditional round pans, these ridges are small, and leave you doing all the work. With the Gold Claw pan, you don't need to dip and swirl and wash because the ridges keep the gold safe as you shake and tilt.
What you need to know is, with Gold Claw pans, the ridges do the work for you.
These larger ridges are the gate keepers that let all the dirt, rocks and material slip out of your pan while keeping in the stuff you want to keep! Your gold catching just got easier and you'll get more gold.
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There is an Easier Way to Pan for Gold!


Gold Claw uses liquefaction rather than washing: To pan you first shake the material to create liquefaction, in this state the material begins to form layers by weight, the lighter sands work their way up and the gold flakes work their way down.

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Save time and SKIP those tedious tasks that take up most of your day

No More:
❌Seasoning your pan
The ridges do all the classifying and separating. With Gold Claw it's super simple!


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